Friday, March 4, 2011

club sandwich?

our club sandwich story begins with pizza. last saturday, tom and i decided to make pizzas with the boys for dinner. my kitchen is never the same after they cook in it! i need to remember that for future reference.
anyway...during the dinner we told the boys about our decision to have my dad move in with us. we've been bouncing the idea back and forth since christmas. even as i type this, my heart breaks just a little bit more (especially as i listened to tom hammer the framing out in our basement last night)... it's just not what i had planned.

during the conversation with the boys, we had to bribe them with camouflage room decorations and a possible tv...and i hate bribery with kids...the only time i've ever had it be successful with sam and louie is when they were potty training. but hey, if it's what gets us through this difficult transition, i'll take it!

i am happy for my dad... he gets to stay with us and not spend his days in his room at the nursing home. i'm worried for the boys and tom (and me too). it will be an adjustment. in fact, louie asked me last night if he could still play the wii when pop lives with us!

since my dad broke his leg last may, he has been going between hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes. it's just so draining and frustrating for all of us. we are hoping that this may create more consistency for dad and relieve some of the stress on our gas tank. he found out today that he can continue to keep his space on the waiting list at the local va nursing home...he's been on that list since september and will continue to hold that spot for a while longer.

we've talked about this move being temporary...but, my gut makes me feel differently... i think that's why it's so difficult for me to talk about. i just can't... i feel that once i start, the flood gates will open and that's it. and when i start crying that sobbing cry, it's just not pretty at all!

we're going to try lots of positive thinking...

yesterday was a great day with the boys...spontaneous day at the park after school and art show last night at school.
yes, we're going to stay positive through all of this...
this club sandwich life of ours...

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