Monday, December 17, 2012

why the stars

over the past few days, i have found my mind wandering a great deal to the events that took place in connecticut on friday.
trying to find the words is difficult and yet, so necessary at times.
 but, mostly, it is hard to find the right words.
words that will provide the comfort, peace, and solace needed during a tragedy.

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this saying was on a card i received when my my passed away years ago
and yet it always brings a smile to my face when i see it.

as the hours turn into days, i continue to hear and see lots of talk about the events from friday.
all of those hot buttons are so easy to talk about...
mental illness. gun control. school safety.
but not a single one of them will change the course of history.
and worse, they won't give many of us the answer we're so desperately craving...
the why.
and we may never have that answer.

jack has entered that stage where he asks "why?" with everything.
i remember when sam and louie were at that stage too.
at times, it can be a challenge and very funny at the same time.
after sam and louie learned of what happened on friday,
they asked that simple question again, "why?"
as they age, it becomes much more difficult to answer that question.
because i, myself, don't always have the answer.

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we can not predict what will happen during our life.
and we will not survive if we let fear guide us every day.
we must drive our cars,
visit the grocery store,
go christmas shopping at the mall,
and send our kids to school.

my heart breaks for the families in connecticut.
i pray for peace and strength during this unthinkable time.

maybe i'm paying more attention to things,
but i think the stars in the sky have been brighter the past few nights.
and yes, i'm one of those people who is giving their kids just one extra hug for the road.
and i'm telling friends and family how much they matter to me.
i just hate that i needed a reminder for those things.