Wednesday, April 20, 2011

make a wish

we found the first wish dandelions of the year yesterday and couldn't pass them up.

wishing for a drum set

wishing for a puppy

and it was jack's first time making a wish...he kept looking at sam to figure out what to do. finally he just rubbed it all over the stroller. great for louie's seasonal allergies...the kid went on a five minute sneezing fit!

we visited mobil on the run after school...and it made me think of all of the wishes...the prayers...the hard work to make everything work smoothly in our lives.

gotta love sunflower seeds!

watching them grow up...i still can't believe how fast they grow. sam walked home by himself and completed his homework before we got home from louie's check up yesterday. i wish for so much happiness and joy for all of my boys.

uh oh!

i pray that my boys will always be safe. they are all at different stages and i pray that they are safe when i am with them and apart. as you can tell, jack has entered the "i'm going to do everything in my power to try to kill myself" stage. at this point in time, louie had already had 2 sets of stitches...

i pray that the boys will learn how to take care of themselves and others. i know this is basic, but with my dad moving in, we have to get back to the basics. i've had to review a few things with dad...hand washing habits, teeth care, and cleaning up after a meal...sticky syrup on a plate after working 8 hours is no fun! also, hand soap can come in many forms and scents...and it is a glorious thing!!! then there is the simple habit of helping keep all of our spaces clean. jack has even started learning to dust.

i wish for those simple moments that can't be replaced...walking to get ice cream on a hot day. i'm so happy we got to do it before the storms came through.

i wish for boys to get along and play nicely with one another...i think that is the prayer of all want them to take care of each other, enjoy each other and love each other.
and if you look closely, you'll see my dad sitting on the of his favorite places. he enjoys watching the comings and goings of our street. some of the kids have asked, "who's that guy?" i tell them he's my dad and he has come to live with us. the kids never really know what to say (and i don't either). we just decide that it's best to wave and say "hi, mr. bill" really loudly! :)

and wish that when you find them eating ice cream on the couch that it won't leave a stain or make a mess. we enjoy our share of ice cream in this scoop at a time...

dad and molly snuggled on the couch during a thunderstorm

i, i pray, that this continues to go smoothly. there have been rough days and we will continue to have them. but, i feel like there have been more "regular" days...days...that are turning into weeks...that are turning into months...


  1. This was beautiful Lisa - Really makes you appreciate the goodness in life. Makes me think of my family and Josh and thank god that I have them in my life.
    Thank you for such a touching blog today.

  2. Lisa, you share the heart of most mothers - and a true heart that was also your mother's - what a blessing! She wanted the same things for you and William as you grew up, and was so very proud of who both of you grew to be. As Adam's mom, you have given me the blessings of memories - as well as with you, my 'special child'. While I was not with you all of your young years, I have been abundantly blessed to watch you grow into a beautiful young woman with a heart of love, kindness, charity and justice - all of which you are passing on to your children. Against alot of odds, you are an exemplary wife to an amazing husband - and that's never an easy job for either - unless you experience all moments of true, pure love in your very beings - and I have been blessed to watch that grow and flourish as well. Bless you for caring enough to give enough to have enough of pure love in your life in the tougher times as well as the best of times. God has created a wonder in you and your family. The pics are amazing and many to cherish - bless you and thank you - I'm so proud to claim you as 'my special one'! Love to you!